Ambrosia BluCon Nightrider Holder

From now on we have a mount for the Ambrosia BluCon Nightrider in the shop.


The Ambrosia BluCon Nightrider makes it possible to read the Freestylelibre sensor conveniently via iPhone or other device with iOS.

A detailed description can be found on the manufacturer page of the Ambrosia BluCon Nightrider


You get the holder with us in 21 different colors and you have the choice whether you get a black or white fabric rubber band.









One thought on “Ambrosia BluCon Nightrider Holder

  1. Molina Morgan says:

    I am using Nightrider BluCon with Freestyle Libre Sensors, and it is the best device that I have ever used to keep track of my glucose level. It sends readings to the LinkBluCon app that also alerts me when my readings are not within the safe zones.

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