#DBW 2016 Easter Edition • We are in!

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#DBW Diabetes Blog week at Easter a great action!

Colorful Easter – How embellished her your Diabetes Devices

Freestyle stickers are now available since mid-January and we could in a short time our shop already expanding well.

In addition to the Freestyle Libre stickers and Freestyle Libre Skins We also offer diabetes and Stuff Keychains with diabetes slogans and so on. Currently only one, but more will follow;-)

Vinyl stickers for laptops, cars or whatever you want to embellish, we offer. Currently we are preparing cups and perhaps also to introduce one or the other bag for your diabetes stuff at the store. Gives us a few more days. :-)

What is your favorite product in our shop and what do you miss more?

We look forward to your posts and comments!

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