Enlite-Guardian TapeProtect / Tape fixation in 5 colors


Our flexible Enlite-Guardian TapeProtect is now available in 5 great colors.

Enlite Guardian TapeProtect

What color do you like best?

Product description:

Anyone who secures and fixes their sensor with tape knows the problem if the tape has to be changed, but the sensor still has a few days, the tape sticks better to the sensor than the sensor to the skin and therefore there is a risk of the sensor Change tape to tear off.

The problem no longer exists with our “Enlite TapeProtect Flex”, because it sits protectively over the sensor so that the tape does not stick to the sensor at all but only to the TapeProtect.

This version is flexible and can be worn on the arm and stomach.

The “Enlite TapeProtect Flex” can be used again and again.

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