Apply TapeProtect

This manual explains how the TapeProtect is used. It is shown using the Freestyle Libre 1 & 2 TapeProtect • FLEX •. But also works with the Dexcom G6 TapeProtect •FLEX • and with the Enlite-Guardian TapeProtect • FLEX • It is important that the skin is free of oil and cream. Do not go into the water (showering, bathing, swimming …) immediately after attaching it, but give the tape a certain amount of time to put on. Rubbing after application activates the adhesive particularly well through friction.

Remove the tape from the protective paper.

Be careful that the tape doesn’t stick together

Put the tape on the “wings” of TapeProtect and press down gently.

The more even this is, the better it will look afterwards ;-)

This is what it looks like from the adhesive side.


Then place the TapeProtect with the tape on the sensor.

Then press the tape from the inside out.

Do not pull the tape apart when attaching it, just stick it on without tension.


If the tape is not so nice after a few days, this can be done easily remove without tearing off the sensor. To be on the safe side, press lightly on the sensor with one finger when removing