F.A.Q about our stickers

Can the foils be removed without leaving any residue?
Our high-quality vinyl films can be removed without leaving any residue. It can happen that a very small adhesive strip forms at the edges, but this can be wiped away directly with your fingers. Since we only use high-quality vinyl foils, they don’t tear off like price tags and don’t leave any ugly adhesive residue.
Are the Freestyle Libre Stickers & Skins waterproof?
Yes, our products are water and sweat-proof, the film used is water-proof, the stickers on the Freestyle Libre sensor last for the entire 14 days of wearing the sensor. And the stickers also last a long time with systems such as Dexcom, Elite-Guardian or Eversense. Our stickers are all equipped with a protective film which additionally protects the print from moisture and mechanical stress.
Why are there sensor stickers with and without a hole?
You can get all Freestyle Libre Sensor Stickers with or WITHOUT a hole in the middle. Since we assume that the hole in the middle of the sensor is only important for setting the sensors, we recommend the version without a hole because of the optics alone. However, some users think that the hole also serves to “ventilate” or breathe the puncture site. That’s why we have both variants to choose from.


What is the best way to shorten the rubber?
We always cut the ribbons at an angle, so that the ribbons don’t rub so quickly. However, we recommend sewing the tape so that it does not unravel.
How are your fixings & brackets made?
We manufacture our fixings & brackets in 3D printing, so we can quickly respond to new systems and can offer you a large selection of colors.