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Enlite-Guardian TapeProtect / Tape fixation in 5 colors


Our flexible Enlite-Guardian TapeProtect is now available in 5 great colors.

Enlite Guardian TapeProtect

What color do you like best?

Product description:

Anyone who secures and fixes their sensor with tape knows the problem if the tape has to be changed, but the sensor still has a few days, the tape sticks better to the sensor than the sensor to the skin and therefore there is a risk of the sensor Change tape to tear off.

The problem no longer exists with our “Enlite TapeProtect Flex”, because it sits protectively over the sensor so that the tape does not stick to the sensor at all but only to the TapeProtect.

This version is flexible and can be worn on the arm and stomach.

The “Enlite TapeProtect Flex” can be used again and again.

We go on vacation

from 02.08.2019 – 19.08.2019 our company remains closed.

We go on vacation and you will be rewarded for the wait. 10% off everything in the time we are on vacation.

Coupon Code *: Holiday19

All orders received and paid by Thursday 01.08.2019 – 12.00 are still in the shipping.

All orders received in this time will be from 20.08. 2019 edit and go as soon as possible in the shipping.

* The coupon code is valid from 02.08.2019 – 19.08.2019.

We go on vacation

from 30.03.2019 – 07.04.2019 our company remains closed.

We go on vacation and you will be rewarded for the wait.
10% off everything in the time we are on vacation.

Coupon Code *: THXforWaiting19

All orders received until Friday 29.03.2019 – 12.00 o’clock and paid are still in the shipping.

* The coupon code is valid from 30.03.2019 – 07.04.2019.

14.Nov.2018 – Welt Diabetes Tag – Viele Neue Produkte & Rabatt


Zum Welt Diabetes Tag 2014 haben wir wieder was tolles für Euch.
Heute gibt es neue Produkte für 5 verschiedene Systeme im Shop:

Es gibt erstmal zu jedem System 9 Sticker zur Auswahl, weitere werden folgen.

Mit folgendem Gutscheincode bekommt Ihr am 14.11.2018 14% auf Alles.

Gutscheincode: WDT2018

New in the Shop & Facebook competition

Neu im Shop & Facebook Gewinnspiel

New in the shop & competition

Freestyle Libre Sticker Sets at a low price.
To product launch 1 set of 6 stickers only 5.90 € *

If you want to have a sticker set for free, check out this:

Or you want to win a set?

Visit our Facebook competition:

*** This competition is not affiliated with Facebook and is in no way sponsored, sponsored or organized by Facebook.
** (Public we will not see it otherwise)
* From October 6,90 € per set

We celebrate our new name and you can save


Freestylesticker is now DiaStuff and after sweaty, long and sleepless nights we are back with a new name. Again and again we had small problems or failures in the system, but now it is done. We have expanded our product range and are pleased to present not only our new name but also our new products. More new products will be added soon. You can be curious.

The move to DiaStuff is done now and we want to celebrate with you and you get 10% on everything in the shop

Just use the following promo code: “NowDiaStuff”

The promotion is valid until 31.08.2018

FreestyleSticker becomes DiaStuff

FS wird DS

Dear customers,

When we started with FreestyleSticker over 2 1/2 years ago, we did not know where the path would lead us.
We started – as the name implies – with stickers for the Freestyle Libre measuring system.

After a short time, we expanded our product range and soon also the first brackets – to make the Freestyle Libre a CGM – offered. In the meantime we have in our shop sensor fixings for 3 different systems – Freestyle Libre, Enlite & Dexcom – in the program.

Since in our opinion the name “FreestyleSticker” no longer fits 100% to us, we have decided to give the child a new name.

FreestyleSticker becomes DiaStuff

With the matching domain the complete and new range of formerly FreestyleSticker is still available for you. Even if you visit out of habit, you will be automatically redirected to DiaStuff.

All user accounts will be taken over and you can continue to place your orders as usual.

We wish you lots of fun on our site :-)