Everything for your Freestyle Libre 1 and 2 Sensor.

As the inventors of the sensor fixation for the Freestyle Libre 1 and later also for the Freestyle Libre 2 sensor, we have always paid attention to special wearing comfort. It has always been important to us that you feel the fixation as little as possible, but the fixation (LibreFix®) should hold and protect the sensor securely. That’s why we’ve always designed our holders or bracelets to be as small and simple as possible.

If you want to fix your Freestyle Libre 1 or 2 sensor with tape, we have the perfect solution for you. With our Tapeprotect and Tapeprotect •Flex• you can fix your sensor with our tapes without the risk of accidentally tearing it off when changing the tape.

And of course sensor stickers for your Freestyle Libre, it doesn’t always have to be the clinical white, just spice up your sensor with a bit of color or with a small message.