Fix Dexcom G6 without tape

Dexcom G6 Fixieren

You do not like your Dexcom G6 with a fixation that has a band?

We have something new for you, with our “Dexcom G6 Tapeprotect” you can protect your sensor while protecting the original plaster.

Everyone who secures and fixes his sensor with tape knows the problem.
If the tape has to be changed, but the sensor still has a few days left, the tape sticks better to the sensor than the sensor on the skin and therefore there is a risk of tearing down the sensor when changing the tape.

The problem no longer exists with our “Dexcom G6 Tapeprotect“.
Because the TapeProtect sits protectively over the sensor and the plaster so that the tape does not stick to the sensor but only to the TapeProtect.
The “sleeves of the TapeProtect” are malleable and can be easily adapted to the arm.

The “Dexcom G6 TapeProtect” is always usable.

Of course we also have matching tapes in different colors of RockTape in the shop.

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