FreestyleSticker becomes DiaStuff

FS wird DS

Dear customers,

When we started with FreestyleSticker over 2 1/2 years ago, we did not know where the path would lead us.
We started – as the name implies – with stickers for the Freestyle Libre measuring system.

After a short time, we expanded our product range and soon also the first brackets – to make the Freestyle Libre a CGM – offered. In the meantime we have in our shop sensor fixings for 3 different systems – Freestyle Libre, Enlite & Dexcom – in the program.

Since in our opinion the name “FreestyleSticker” no longer fits 100% to us, we have decided to give the child a new name.

FreestyleSticker becomes DiaStuff

With the matching domain the complete and new range of formerly FreestyleSticker is still available for you. Even if you visit out of habit, you will be automatically redirected to DiaStuff.

All user accounts will be taken over and you can continue to place your orders as usual.

We wish you lots of fun on our site :-)

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